Chapter Achilleas No. 24 of the Australasian Hellenic Educational Progressive Association

Meet our Executive


Anthea Tsaousis (Dec 2014 - )

Previously Warden (Mar - Dec 2014) and Director of Ceremonies (June 2012 - March 2014)

Education: BCom(MktgMgmt), University of Melbourne; Year 12 IB at Carey Baptist Grammar School (2013)

Occupation & Roles: Learning & Development Tutor, Carey Grammar; Sales Associate, Le Creusset; School Captain, Carey Grammar (2013).

Interests & hobbies: Cooking, blogging, reading, fitness, traveling & fashion.

Ambition: Executive by day, chef by night!

Vice President

Marialena Michanetzi (Mar 2014 - )

Previously Secretary (Dec 2013 - Mar 2014)

Education: Bachelor of Science (Genetics), University of Melbourne (2013 - ); Year 12 VCE at Williamstown High School (2012)

Occupation: Clerical & payroll administration, aide at Royal Children's Hospital

Interests & hobbies: Science, traveling, learning languages (especially French!), socialising with friends.

Ambition: To become a genetics researcher.


Anna Vassiliadis (Mar 2014 - )

Previously Prayer Reader & PR Officer (June 2013 - Mar 2014)

Education: Master of Architecture, University of Tasmania (2016-); Bachelor of Environments (Architecture), University of Melbourne (2013 - 15); Year 12 VCE, Siena College (2012)

Interests & hobbies: Photography - no two ways about it!

Ambition: To be a leading public works architect by day and photographer by night!


Ross Katsambanis (2013 - )

Education: Bachelor of Commerce at Monash University (2013 - 15); Wesley College (2007 - 2012)

Occupation: Accountant in Liquidations & Insolvency

Interests & hobbies: Politics, football and business

Meet our Committee


Paula Oude-Vrielink

Previously Director of Ceremonies (Mar 2014 - )

Education: Master of Engineering (2016-); Bachelor of Commerce, University of Melbourne (2013 - 15); Year 12 VCE at Genazzano FCJ College (2012)

Occupation: Karate instructor

Interests & hobbies: Fitness, martial arts, music, sport and politics

Director of Ceremonies

Marihiam Kaloudis

Education: Masters of Teaching,  University of Melbourne (2016-); Bachelor of Forensic Science and Psychology, Swinburne University of Technology (2013-2015); Year 12 VCE, Carey Baptist Grammar School (2012)

Occupation: Tutor 

Interests & Hobbies: Social justice, exploring new cities, sailing, spending quality time with family and friends.

Social Media Officer

Katherine Tunaley 

Previously Warden (Dec 2014 - )

Education: Bachelor of Arts (Criminology), University of Melbourne (2013 - 15); Year 12 International Baccalaureate at Carey Baptist Grammar School (2012) 

Occupation: Finance Administrator, Boston Consulting Group

Interests & Hobbies: Fitness, event planning, baking, learning new languages & traveling.

Social Media Officer

Doria Tsompani

Education: Master of Architecture Engineering, National Technical University of Athens, Greece; Diploma of Graphic Design, Victoria University; Diploma of Business & Management, Australian Industrial Systems Institute (current studies); Certificate of Modern Theatre Dance, Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance; General Lyceum Certificate. Technological, Informatics & Services (Greece).

Occupation: Graphic Designer

Interests & Hobbies:  Art, Architecture, Fashion, Design, Photography, Dance, Theatre, Psychology, Reading, Travelling, Socialising with friends

Meet our Board of Governors


Jiannis Tsaousis

Previously Foundation President (June 2012 - March 2014)

Education: BCom(FinMgmt) and DipLang(French), University of Melbourne (2012-15); Summer School, London School of Economics (2013); Year 12 VCE at Carey Baptist Grammar School (2011).

Occupation: Financial Services Assurance, Ernst & Young.

Interests & hobbies: Politics, business, foreign affairs, traveling & reading.


John Papaemmanouil

Previously President (Mar - Dec 2014); Vice President (Dec 2012 - Mar 2014)

Student: Bachelor of Science, University of Melbourne (2014 - ); Year 12 VCE at Scotch College (2013)

Occupation: Sports Medic

Interests & hobbies: Football, soccer, sports, politics, reading, sciences, spending time with family and friends. 

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