Chapter Achilleas No. 24 of the Australasian Hellenic Educational Progressive Association

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: 

to engage and encourage young Philhellenes to be leading, active citizens of our world.

Our mission is founded on five core pillars:

1. Giving back to our local Australian community, through fundraising for local and international projects, especially those concerning pedagogical advancement;

2. Cultivating our leadership potential, through offering our members an assortment of leadership positions and opportunities to exemplify and develop their qualities;

3. Networking and advancing careers of our members and like-minded individuals, in linking with talented young Australians of all backgrounds, local businesses and professionals, and; working and senior-age Hellenes;

4. Forging an interconnected global youth diaspora, through organising coordinated fundraising and awareness campaigns with our AHEPA youth cousins in North America and Europe, as we recognise that we no longer just belong to the citizenry of Australia, but inhabit a global village where our actions have international ramifications;

5. Strengthening our cultural heritage,  in celebrating the rich history of both classical and modern Greece and our home, Australia, as well as through raising awareness of important historic, political, cultural and contemporary issues of our diaspora, local Australian community and Greece.

What we do

Networking & Community

  • Business Mentoring Breakfasts
  • Victorian Multicultural Commission events
  • Teleconferences with AHEPA Youth USA.
  • State, National & International AHEPA Conventions.

Fundraising & Philanthropy

  • Charity Fun Runs
  • High Teas
  • Greek Balls and Tavern Nights

Culture & Education
  • AHEPA Scholarships Program
  • SBS Greek Radio Youth Program & NUGAS 3XY Program
  • Interviews on SBS Radio & 3XY Radio Hellas
  • AHEPA Greek School.

Member Events
  • Chapter meetings
  • Movie Nights
  • Bar Nights and Dinners

What is AHEPA?

AHEPA was first formed in the United States to protect its members against violent persecution from the Klu-Klux-Klan (KKK). After the decimation of this malevolent, racist grouping, AHEPA became a fraternity of American Hellenes to help immigrants better integrate into American society and become active citizens. Shortly after, AHEPA was established in Werris Creek, NSW, Australia, and the Australasian Order of AHEPA is the sister Order of the American AHEPA. AHEPA has now grown to be the largest Hellenic organisation in the world, based in the USA, Canada, Puerto Rico, UK, Germany, Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Istanbul, Australia and New Zealand, and is the 3rd largest civic service organisation worldwide, only following Rotary and Lions clubs. 

AHEPA proudly functions according to its 5 core principles of philanthropy, civic service, individual & family excellence, Christianity and classical Greek ideals. You can learn more about AHEPA Australasia here.

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